Other Projects

Hey guys! Besides this blog I have many other media projects and things I am always working on. If you feel compelled to check any of them out they are linked below:)

My Personal blog: On my personal blog, I post all sorts of different content. It is very much spiratic and houses all of my different interests and documents my life. If you are compelled, you can check it out below!


My Personal YouTube Channel: On this YouTube channel, I make comedy vlogs and entertainment videos. My latest video is linked below if you are interested.

Art Site: I was an art major in college, so here is my art site and portfolio. I am a digital artist and a painter, who focuses on subjects of identity, feminity, and mental health. If you are interested in checking it out the link is below:)


Jess in the Flesh Radio: Jess in the Flesh Radio is a show that I do each week from the comfort of my home. It is a radio show with commentary, which is initially live-streamed on Twitch and turned into a podcast that focuses on social media and productivity. If you are interested the link to the site and the latest episode are below!


Thank you 🙂