Hi there. My name is Jess and welcome to Indigo Stardust!

This blog houses everything spiritual from meditation, manifestation, self-development, and the mindset for wealth and abundance.

My spin on this whole “spirituality thing” is that I am still a newbie and I recently learned about the Law of Attraction, which has already changed my life so much!

In just 2 weeks of practicing all of these techniques I’ve learned I have manifested over $1,200 – without a job or consistent payments. This money unexpectedly came and I couldn’t be more grateful!

This blog documents my journey, as a newbie, to the Law of Attraction and entrepreneurship by documenting my mindset as well as my journey from making $0 to my first $1,00,000.

I want to do this in order to provide evidence that spirituality practices and a positive outlook can really make or break an individual’s entrepreneurship journey.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction, I have already had such amazing results! I was depressed for years and this way of looking at the world has immediately changed my life. Ironically enough the quarantine has made finding peace in spirituality a possibility, and I am so grateful for the universe putting this knowledge in my hands.

I believe that the Law of Attraction is is the key to optimism and the key to loving life!

Everyone deserves this gift of happiness, so I was drawn to spread this positivity and teach others about how to grow into their ideal selves and live their ideal lives as entrepreneurs.

I hope you join this journey with me and experience this gift of a mindset shift through spirituality to achieve the success that you deserve!

-JW (aka Indigo Stardust)